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Specialist Facilities


The medicine department comprises of two specialists, Drs Alain Carter and Ryan Friedlein and another veterinarian Dr Estee van Zyl, who is currently specialising.

Ultra Sound:

With our colour flow doppler ultrasound, we are able to monitor the way the blood flows through the heart and address any issues. The ultrasound also allows us to view internal organs to see irregularities and other abnormalities eg. tumours etc. Ultrasound assisted biopsies improves accuracy of taking samples.


An endoscope is a flexible tube with a video camera attachment that is inserted either into the stomach through the mouth or the colon via the rectum. The endoscope permits inspection of the inside of these hollow organs while the patient is under anaesthetic.


This interventional unit is commonly used in urethral stent placements, airway examinations, pulmonic stenosis balloon valvuloplasty, pacemaker implantation etc. Plus, C-Arm technology can reduce the length of time a patient is under anaesthetic and reduce recovery time. 


Fourways Veterinary Hospital currently houses the only in-house MRI, specifically designed for pets, in South Africa. This means that your pet can be monitored under anaesthetic, which is not possible in a human MRI. A MRI is particularly good for looking at soft tissue structures such as the brain and spinal cord and can give more detail than a CT scan.


Patients in ICU receive 24hr care, through the use of a dedicated ICU nursing and veterinary team. An ICU nurse sits with the patient all the time. This allows the staff to deal with the high monitoring and care demands of an ICU patient, who may or may not be on a ventilator. The patient is under constant surveillance and means that changes in a patient status are noted immediately and treated rapidly.

Other Facilities:

Holter monitor: This is a small specialised medical device which measures your pets heart activity i.e. rate and rhythm. It is fitted like a harness for a 24hr period. This may be recommended after an electrocardiogram, if more information on your pet’s heart function is required.

Oxygen therapy: Oxygen therapy can be a life-saving and essential short-term treatment to stabilise patients that are struggling to breathe.

Blood Bank: Fourways vet is one of the few facilities that type their donors’ blood to reduce the risk of reaction in the patient. All donors are up to date with vaccinations, deworming and parasite control.

Laboratory: Our in-house laboratory assists the veterinarian to make diagnosis more efficiently and provides immediate results.

Anti-venom: We stock x 6 vials at all times, should it be required after a snake bite.


Our surgical department Drs Neels du Plessis and Johan Nel are our Specialist Surgeons. Fourways is fortunate enough to have three theatres, a spay theatre, a soft tissue theatre and an orthopaedic theatre.

A wide range of general and specialist surgical procedures are performed.  

Extremely thorough and careful hygiene protocols are followed in theatre. The theatres make use of a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter which provides the best protection from infection and contamination from airborne microorganisms.

Additionally, the surgery has a sterilizer which is used to ensure sterility of all the equipment used in surgical procedures.